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Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about PairWize?

PairWize is the first stand-alone utility for MS Windows that auto-completes characters that usually appear in pairs.

My PairWize won't start... What's up?

If the PairWize won't startup, or any other problems occur, try deleting the PairWize.ini configuration file from its folder. Then start PairWize again.

If any problems persist, feel free to e-mail me to pairwize@gmail.com with detailed problem and system configuration description.

What if I want to have my PairWize fully inactive in specified program? Do I have to turn it off every time?

Absolutely NOT. PairWize has an option to have different settings for different programs. In this case it means that you simply add that program through the Settings dialog and leave all the checkboxes for your program empty.

Where are pairs like $$, **, or _ _ used?

Most of these "special" characters are used in programing. Some are also used for text formating in certain programs.

I would like to uninstall PairWize. How do I do it?

PairWize is fully portable application, it doesn't need to be installed or uninstalled. You just copy/delete it.

For the exact instructions follow the ReadMe.txt file.



Version: 2008-11-23


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